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Licence Agreement

By purchasing a Solo or Team licence of Scale, you agree to the terms of this licence agreement.

What you are permitted to do:

  • Use Scale in unlimited personal or commercial projects as a library or project starter for yourself or your clients. Project examples are Websites, Web Apps, Native Apps (iOS/Android) and SaaS Applications
  • Use Scale as a baseline for an internal, non-commercial design system that you embellish on to become your own.

What you are not permitted to do:

  • Resell, sub-licence, distribute or re-distribute Scale as a premium design system under it’s name, or any other name
  • Create versions of, or convert Scale for use in any other piece of design software that has commercial or non-commercial intent, including any no-code tools or any code based framework
  • Turn Scale into or use it in UI Kits that you intend to make available as commercial or non-commercial products
  • Use Scale in it’s entirety inside a client project, which would mean that they get a copy of it for free, it has to be used as a library or resource that stays with you
  • If you’ve purchased a Solo licence, you cannot publish Scale for your team members to use. Additional licences can be purchased by contacting me on: info@scaledesignsystem.com

Enforcement and Liability

Scale Design System is a product of Scale Pty Ltd and Christopher Deane. You are only allowed to use Scale within the limitations of this licence agreement. Scale Pty Ltd and Christopher Deane reserve the right to pursue legal action against you, the company you run or own, or any client that obtains a free version of Scale.

Any unauthorised use will result in liabilities such as damages, cost or any other loses resulting from your mis-use of Scale.


If you have any questions then reach out to me at:


If you’re ready to design better and deliver faster, then buy a Solo or Team licence and welcome to Scale 🙂.